Roses_SmlKaren Carrillo

Karen believes yoga is for everyone. She teaches yoga from the heart with warmth and humor by inviting students to enjoy a mindful, structurally sound practice with awareness of breath in order to experience yoga as a form of strength, healing and celebration.  She encourages yoga to be an empowerment practice and an opportunity to discover greater joy and freedom within one’s Self.

Karen’s light hearted and compassionate approach to yoga helps to create a supportive and encouraging environment where students may explore their full potential, both on and off the mat. “I have learned that our yoga practice wants to feel really good, and this practice encourages me to balance the sacred with the playful. It permeates my life and touches every aspect of me in a powerfully positive way.”

Karen has studied yoga for over fifteen years and has been teaching since she received her 200 hour Teacher Training Certification through San Francisco’s Greenpath Yoga Studio in 2004. Her teacher, Clayton Horton, trained in India directly under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the living Ashtanga Yoga Master. She is continually studying with new and varied teachers. Karen began her yoga teaching practice in 2004 and enjoyed owning and operating Livermore’s Cosmic Dog Yoga Studio until its closing on July 1st, 2013.  Karen’s teaching style is also influenced by her 750 hour body work certification through the Institute of Conscious BodyWork in Larkspur, CA.  Above all, Karen is a loving student of the Divine MahaShakti, the highest flow of Life and Consciousness and with devotion continues her yoga studies and believes in the healing and empowering connection to the Self through the essential practices of asana, mantra, pranayama, and meditation.

Karen’s classes offer a style of yoga to build physical strength, stamina and flexibility while bringing an awareness of respect, acceptance and love to the many layers of the Self. She has a gentle and encouraging way in her classes and sets the intention and tone for deep awareness and strength in her students. Her class music is an eclectic mix with mantras and world beats gently playing in the background. Karen is grateful for and receptive to yoga! Her practice is a joyful reflection of the play and radiant beauty to be savored in Life.

Jinni KondoJinni

Namaste! My name is Jinni. I seriously started practicing yoga to calm my mind and escape the daily stress of life in 2005. Born and raised in Thailand influenced by Buddhism, I am able to relate Buddhist teachings with yoga to exercise my mind, body and spirit to enhance the happiness from the within. To go deeper with my practice and be able to share with others, I connected with Yoga Bharati for yoga teacher training program in 2012. My focus is to transform yoga asanas with mindful breathing into a stronger body and mind to understand life at the present moment.



Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie has been practicing yoga for over seven years and teaching for four years.  After an impasse in her career and life itself, yoga became a saving grace that propelled her through a difficult time.  Stephanie became the recipient of mind, body and spirit benefits With this new found feeling of peaceful mind/spirit and strong/flexible body, Stephanie knew she wanted to share this euphoric and life changing experience with others. She received her 200-hour Ashtanga yoga certification from It’s Yoga in San Francisco, CA, under the caring guidance of Larry Schultz, who studied with guru K. Pattabhi Jois. Stephanie incorporates various yoga styles to bring diversity and accessibility to students who attend her classes. Increasing her practice, she continues to add to her teacher hours and received training in Prenatal yoga, Forrest yoga (with Ana Forrest).  In addition, she studied Prana Flow yoga and Yoga Trance dance state-side and in India with Shiva Rea. Stephanie’s focus is on breath, alignment, and mindful care as grounding foundation. A dancer at heart, she weaves in a lighthearted, fluid energy —with “beats” to her teaching

CoreyCorey Izzo

Corey Izzo absolutely loves everything about the practice of yoga. Having been raised and taught by his yoga instructor mother, practicing, pondering and discussing yoga concepts have become a daily necessity for him. He has come to realize that the practice of yoga is even more relevant off the mat than on, as we are all learning to be in a practice of moving softly from our Center, through our Center, to our Center. He believes in yoga as a healing modality on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Corey Began his asana practice at age 15. He dedicated himself to a deeper, more consistent practice in 2008, which eventually led him to going through a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2012. He stepped into the role of instructor in June 2012 and has been teaching ever since! He now enjoys offering an alignment based asana practice, weaved with breath awareness, meditation, mindful movement and maybe a joke or two. It is Corey’s firm belief that yoga can benefit every person, and every type of body. He would like to give back to the community what yoga has brought to his life: a constantly flipped perspective, a softer heart and tools to aid in living more fully, navigating each moment more mindfully and reducing/eliminating causes of stress and suffering. Corey continues to study and grow his knowledge base, developing his style and evolving alongside friends, students and teachers alike. He invites you to do the same.

DarylDaryl Cotton

Power Instructor, I studied under the tutelage of Linda McGrath at YogaSource Los Gatos in Fall 2012. I was a gym rat for several years and then took up running. I was introduced to yoga in late 2010 through the P90X training program and found myself looking forward to the yoga workout each week. When asked to try yoga at a yoga studio, I was initially resistant because I had a lot of misconceptions: yoga was mainly for females, I wouldn’t get a good workout because it was only stretching, and I didn’t want to chant in class. Once I tried it, it quickly became my workout of choice and I became a member of that yoga studio. Nagging injuries sustained from weight training and running have been healed by my yoga practice. The body awareness and focus I’ve gained through my yoga practice is something I hope to bring to others as a yoga instructor.

Justin HeadshotJustin Toland

Since he was a boy, Justin has acknowledged an affinity towards healing and an understanding of what pain really is. Born in San Jose, Ca and raised in Union City, Ca, he has always been a Bay Area resident.  The journey of yoga began in 2012 with a taste of Bikram. It was a mental and physical challenge which left him in a state of being afterwards that fueled a passion for his current ventures.  After diving into Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, and various offerings of different yoga styles and classes, the fire had been lit. This excitement towards Yoga fueled this student to become a teacher.

Justin is certified under the Frog Lotus Yoga 200 hour program and has been teaching since February 2014. His classes offer a range of yogic philosophy, body alignment, breathing, and nurturing motivation. The goal is to be gentle but firm so all yogis may evolve in their personal practice. The belief is in building the quintessential, prime, or ideal yogi. Strategy, strength, focus, and determination are what drive his classes. His background in weight loss, fitness, and Crossfit are what build the class structure, but it’s always yoga at the foundation. His knowledge of the body has come from eight years of massage therapy as an occupation and he uses this as a tool to modify his classes to accommodate fluctuating diversities. For his personal life, Yoga has been the medicine of balance that keeps Justin primed for life’s ups, downs, and endeavors.

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