Lisa Krylova


A Lisa comes from a background in Kinesiology and is currently on her path to becoming a doctor of Chiropractic. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2009 in Hatha Vinyasa. Since then she has completed 2 more teacher trainings, in Ashtanga and Jivamukti, and several seminars. Years of study on the health and mechanics of the human body has helped her create safe and challenging flows that focus on alignment, balancing strength with flexibility and self reflection. Her goal is to empower her students by helping them realize the true potential of their bodies and minds. She believes that yoga is not just about the physical benefits and in coming to her class you may find yourself diving deeper into self and connecting to the universe around you on a different level.

Isabella Guzman

Isabella instantly became captivated with the way Yoga allows expression, acceptance, and improvement in realms of the mind, body, and spirit. She felt as if she finally found what she had been looking for all along. The discipline and strength established and revealed  through yoga is a parallel journey unfolding alongside the mat.  She thrives on the possibilities that we create within and outside our own selves through the process of practicing yoga.  She enjoys, most of all, the laughter and love that we begin to emanate when we undertake this journey.

Isabella’s classes are inspired by the dynamic energy found in her Ashtanga beginnings. From her Flow Vinyasa 200 hr  Yoga Alliance training, she integrates fluidity, creativity, harmony of breath, and gives special attention to the  needs of the body, mind and most importantly heart. She uses encouraging and knowledgeable language  and themes to nourish the spirit with the wisdom of yoga. Beyond teaching flow vinyasa and Asthanga principles, she also loves to manifest all aspects of the practice offering gentle classes, kids yoga, knowledge of Pranyama, philosophy and chanting. Isabella is a student first and foremost always searching and learning to refine her own practice and her teaching heart.  Outside of yoga, she loves  travel, adventurous spirits, ice cream and octopi.

She wakes up everyday feeling blessed that she can manifest her passion through teaching.  She hopes her classes leave you with a sense of having created poetry and connections with and through your body along with a deep appreciation to all that life has to offer.

Jackie Zupancic

Jackie joins hot Box Yoga with a background in vinyasa and hatha based practices graduating from the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. With over 18 years of prior movement training, Jackie started her yoga journey six years ago in her living room. After falling in love with asana practices, she decided to make it official by completing her 200hr RYT certification and is now working toward her 500hr RYT at Yoga Tree SF. She has been teaching for over 3 years with a focus on alignment, strength, and stress-relief and is looking forward to helping you reach your yoga goals. Jackie provides a very welcoming and friendly environment so please be sure to pick her brain about your most burning yoga questions :).

Daryl Cotton

Power Instructor, I studied under the tutelage of Linda McGrath at YogaSource Los Gatos in Fall 2012. I was a gym rat for several years and then took up running. I was introduced to yoga in late 2010 through the P90X training program and found myself looking forward to the yoga workout each week. When asked to try yoga at a yoga studio, I was initially resistant because I had a lot of misconceptions: yoga was mainly for females, I wouldn’t get a good workout because it was only stretching, and I didn’t want to chant in class. Once I tried it, it quickly became my workout of choice and I became a member of that yoga studio. Nagging injuries sustained from weight training and running have been healed by my yoga practice. The body awareness and focus I’ve gained through my yoga practice is something I hope to bring to others as a yoga instructor.


Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie has been practicing yoga for over seven years and teaching for four years.  After an impasse in her career and life itself, yoga became a saving grace that propelled her through a difficult time.  Stephanie became the recipient of mind, body and spirit benefits With this new found feeling of peaceful mind/spirit and strong/flexible body, Stephanie knew she wanted to share this euphoric and life changing experience with others. She received her 200-hour Ashtanga yoga certification from It’s Yoga in San Francisco, CA, under the caring guidance of Larry Schultz, who studied with guru K. Pattabhi Jois. Stephanie incorporates various yoga styles to bring diversity and accessibility to students who attend her classes. Increasing her practice, she continues to add to her teacher hours and received training in Prenatal yoga, Forrest yoga (with Ana Forrest).  In addition, she studied Prana Flow yoga and Yoga Trance dance state-side and in India with Shiva Rea. Stephanie’s focus is on breath, alignment, and mindful care as grounding foundation. A dancer at heart, she weaves in a lighthearted, fluid energy —with “beats” to her teaching

Catrina Aguilar

Catrina was brought to her first yoga class by her mom and sister 6 years ago. She loved how strong yoga made her feel, and soon noticed how yoga had also begun to change her mind and spirit, allowing her to find peace and balance on and off her mat. Driven by the desire to deepen her own practice and the passion to share yoga transformative powers with others, she enrolled in a Teacher Training program. Catrina is certified through Frog Lotus Yoga, and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Catrina classes are a playful combination of strength building asanas with proper alignment and breath work using upbeat playlists. Her classes build strength and stamina while lengthening tight muscles and will allow students to develop mental and emotional strength. Off the mat, Trina enjoys baking, Tahitian dancing, reading, hiking, traveling and spending time with her husband and their dog Pasta

Shamekia Goldsmith

 A childhood interest in exercise lead me to personal training in 2007. I first attended yoga classes in 2008 as another way to “work out” and attended on occasion. Over time ignoring body signals lead to various injures and eventually back to yoga late 2014.  I found freedom to quietly explore movement and heal more than my body. My spirit spoke and in 2015 I completed a 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training.To understand others we must remain open to understand and accept ourselves. Yoga is an unending process of self-study and self-transformation (Mark Stephens). I continue to learn “I am enough” and hope to pass this truth about themselves to practitioners. Classes are eclectic, balancing structure with freedom while offering guidance for safety and space to play and grow.

Meisha Bosma

A long-time contemporary dancer and choreographer, came to yoga ten years ago to expand and deepen her belief in the body as a vessel of healing and expression. Her classes are a combination of physical asana, chanting, and intention and meditation, with the goal of calling upon the unconscious and making it conscious. She brings her experience as a dance artist to her yoga classes through an invitation to explore the feelings that arise during practice, with an emphasis on processing and integrating those feelings as a path to knowing and loving oneself. She is a mother, and also teaches principles of non-violence through dance and theater at Destiny Arts Center. Meisha is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing and completed her yoga teaching certification at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco.

Simona Gimbutiene

I found yoga through curiosity, it sounded so mystical and unknown to me. I dared one day to try it out and loved it from the very first class. I felt happier, more alive, and more in tune with myself. Through a regular practice I started seeing results in my life not only on the mat. I became more grounded, less affected by the stress of life, and more at peace. As a former gymnast I had a good awareness of my body, but yoga connected my mind, body, and breath in a profound way.Students in my classes will explore this connection while getting a good workout. Classes will flow in vinyasa style yoga, but some poses will be held for a bit longer to build strength, have time to explore emotions, and connect the mind with the body. I am excited for students to discover the benefits of yoga. See you on the mat!

Phil Engelhardt

Mindful Meditation…
Is the observation of breath as we witness external and internal sensations.  Generally one can do this for a few moments before the mind gets bored.  Images may arise from the past and hook your attention in a chain of associated thoughts, either as images or internal dialogue.  Meditation practice teaches how to access the alive stillness within.
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Schedule: Tuesdays 10:30 am
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